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Creating and Viewing Additional COI's
Creating and Viewing Additional COI's
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Players Health's online platform (Safety Hub), is where you will view your policies and request additional COIs if needed.

To request additional Certificates of Insurance (COIs):

  1. Log In

    [Important] Note that if you get your insurance through any of the programs below, you'll need to click on that program to login. If this is your first time signing on since your purchase, you will want to click "Sign Up" and then answer "Yes" if you have an active policy. If you are not involved with one of these programs, login HERE.

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  2. From the Dashboard, click "Request COIs"

  3. The site will ask "Are there any additional insureds immediately needed?"

    Click Yes.

  4. Click on the grey box and select your organization.

  5. Click the black "Add Insured" Button

  6. Then, click into each empty box in the table and fill it with the information requested.

  7. Once all information has been filled out, click "Submit"

  8. You'll get a confirmation box that your COI request was submitted.

    If no special wording is needed, you'll receive an email right away with your COI.

    If special wording is needed, Players Health will process the request, and your COI will be delivered to you in two business days.

To View/Download Your COIs

You can view and download your current COIs online at the Players Health Safety Hub.

  1. After logging into Safety Hub, Click on the "Certificate of Insurance" tab on the left.

  2. From there, you can view a list of your COIs, and download any of them via the right side of the table provided, labeled "COI Link".

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